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Gamecasa - By Gamers, for Gamers
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Video game reviews, news, talk, and more!
Featuring Brandon Dicamillo, Rake Yohn, Art Webb, Brian Sweet, Bud Blaze, Scott Peppel, Kuan Tung, Tone Tucker, Gunner, and Lendon Pridgen. Gamecasa is a video game podcast and video group that does reviews, news, and general stupid crap. Check out the show on the official Gamecasa site gamecasa.net. It has links to the blog site where you can read reviews, a video player for the Youtube account, and friends of the show. For more info about the cast, check gamecasa.net, more links for feeds, links and people that have helped us along the way.

This community is mostly for announcements of new podcasts and any news that might come down the way. Discussions are welcome, but it'd be even better if those discussions were taken over to the Gamecasa forums where everyone can join in.


Gamecasa official site: gamecasa.net
Gamecasa forums: gamecasa.net/forums
Gamecasa Myspace: myspace.com/gamecasa
Gamecasa Twitter: twitter.com/gamecasa
Gamecasa Facebook: facebook.com/gamecasa
Gamecasa Facebook group: facebook.com/gamecasa#/group.php?gid=48714997866
Gamecasa blog: gamecasa.net/blogs
Gamecasa Youtube account: www.youtube.com/user/gamecasa
Gamecasa Podcast page: gamecasa.net/podcast
Podcast also downloadable from gamecasa.libsyn.com if you're like me and don't have iTunes and want to download and listen to the podcast later. :P

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